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LAW 421 (Business Law) Final Exam Answers Instant Download. 

The LAW 421 final exam is encountered in week 5 of the online Business Law course. The business law exam has a reputation of high difficulty. Unless you're some sort of legal guru, this test will be hard to pass with a good grade. Our tutoring experts have compiled the answers to  the entire final exam and made them available for instant download. Like all products on this site, you are covered by a 100% money back guarantee. 

Update Notes: LAW421 Final Exam Study guide was fully updated on Jan 2nd, 2015. All answers include detailed explanations to help you fully understand each answer. 

Guarantee: Guaranteed A on the exam or your money back!

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Version: 2015 Exam Version

Study Guide Sample Answers with Explanations

Where does the power of preemption come from?

Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution

Explanation: Supremacy puts federal more law above state law, aka Preemption.  

Name a major issue with international courts?

It’s difficult to enforce rulings on sovereign nations 

Explanation: Sovereign nations have no good reason to follow rulings set in international courts.  

Week 5 Final Exam Answers Free Preview

1) Which of the following does not result in a decision rendered by the hearing officer? 

A. Arbitration 
B. Mediation 
C. Med-arb 
D. Using expert evaluators

2) Jurisprudence is defined as 

A. adjudication of law suits 
B. the enactment of laws by a government body 
C. the science and philosophy of law 
D. the duties and obligations owed by a citizen 

3) The state of Kansas has enacted a new law requiring all commercial trucks driving on Kansas roads to have special mud flaps installed. These mud flaps have been proven to make driving in the rain significantly safer due to reduced mist created by trucks driving in the rain, although data regarding accidents and injuries has not yet been determined. Any truck entering Kansas must have these flaps installed or will be subject to a significant fine and delay. The cost for purchase and installation of these flaps is $1,000 per truck. In short, trucks must have these flaps or go around the state. This Kansas law 

A. is valid because it only applies to Kansas roads and such a law is entirely intrastate
B. is valid because Kansas's right to protect its citizens under its police powers will override any outside challenges to this law 
C. is invalid because this law is intended to regulate interstate commerce, an enumerated federal power 
D. is invalid because although on its face it's an intrastate law, this statute will have a significant economic effect on interstate commerce causing an undue burden

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