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Getting Help with Assignments Missing from the Internet

We often hear from students who have searched the internet far and wide, but have not been able to find the assignment they need. On a first-come-first-serve basis, we are hoping to alleviate this problem. 

You're Not Lost in Outer Space

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Free Tutoring for New Assignments

If you need help with an assignment we don't offer, simply email us at support@accnerd.com. We will provide an initial beta-tutorial for you to try out and waive 100% of the cost. We are the only tutoring service on the internet offering a deal like that!

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Major BUS 475 Study Guide Update Completed

Our BUS475 study guide continues to grow in complexity and scope. As of April, 2016 we have completed a major update to ensure students have access to the most relevant study topics.  

50 New Answers and Explanations for 2016

One of the key improvements we have made is the inclusion of external links in many of the answer explanations. Our goal is to show you that the study guide answers are in fact based on extensive research to ensure perfect accuracy. Here's a quick example of how this looks on the actual study guide: 

Example Question: When does the straw man fallacy occur?

​When a person falsifies or overstates an adversary’s position. 

Explanation: The straw man fallacy occurs when a person misrepresents an opponent position with distorted details: http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/straw-man.html

Above all, we hope these improvements help you fully comprehend the underlying learning concepts and achieve the highest grade possible.

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Writing the Perfect Essay for your Professor

When grading a paper, your professor will be going through a checklist of key points that you are expected to nail. By following these tips, you can be assured that you will meet expectations and achieve the highest grade possible.

1. Keep a Formal Tone

Business formal tone in writing is critical in the eyes of your professor. If you sound unprofessional, you are guaranteed a poor grade no matter how perfectly you understand the underlying learning concept. Proper tone can be achieved by simply avoiding first person pronouns, such as “I”, “We”, or “You”. Besides that, you need to avoid slang and use your best judgment to write with a professional narrative.

2. Stay Organized and Relevant

Before you start writing the essay, list all of the major headings you want to cover. This will ensure the flow of your paper is consistent and does not jump between topics. Professors hate papers that stray back and forth with their content. Keep in mind, you should always have supporting sources for the statements in your paper unless you have conducted first hand research. As an example, your outline might look like this:

  • Introduction
  • Topic One
  • Topic Two
  • Conclusion

3. Get to the Point

Nobody wants to read through a bunch of fluff and allegory. After you finish the outline, write a thesis statement that hits the main objective of the paper. When your thesis is perfect, it is 10 times easier to build up supporting examples, quotes, arguments, statistics, and research. If you’ve ever taken a formal writing class, the first thing you learn is to start with a strong thesis.

How the ACC Nerd Custom Shop Can Help

Hopefully these tips give you a better understanding of what your professor is likely to be looking for when grading your paper. Our in-house custom essay writers follow these guidelines very closely and can use their expertise to help you write the perfect essay.

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Flipped Learning - Is it Right for You?

One of the hottest buzz words in education these days is flipped learning. By doing the exact opposite of conventional learning norms, many students become much more productive in the classroom.

Umm, Flipped Classroom?

Scratching your head? Flipped learning is a concept that has students do the opposite of what is expected in education, such as doing homework exercises during classtime after listening to lectures while at home. Countless hours are spent wasted during classtime listening to professors lecture about bland topics. Studies have found it beneficial to give these lectures in video format to be watched at home, then work on exercises during the actual class. This gives students that ability to discuss issues with the professor in realtime, as opposed to zoning out during a boring lecture. "The flipped model puts more of the responsibility for learning on the shoulders of students while giving them greater impetus to experiment." - Educase

How Online Students Can Implement Flipped Learning

Online studnets are already in a non-traditional learning environment that provides a large degree of flexibility. Below is a quick list of strategies that online students can use to make their own flipped classroom.

1. Homework First, Read Second

Jump straight into your homework. Forget about reading and just give the assignment a try. You are likely to run into difficulty right away, but at least you know what to look for when you go back to the textbook. This will help you retain crucial information to finish the assignment successfully.

2. Do your Homework in Public Places

It doesn't matter if it's a starbucks or the public library - just force yourself to do homework in public areas. Students get complacent doing homework at home, so it helps to keep your mind fresh by going to new areas to study.

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