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Major BUS 475 Study Guide Update Completed

Our BUS475 study guide continues to grow in complexity and scope. As of April, 2016 we have completed a major update to ensure students have access to the most relevant study topics.  

50 New Answers and Explanations for 2016

One of the key improvements we have made is the inclusion of external links in many of the answer explanations. Our goal is to show you that the study guide answers are in fact based on extensive research to ensure perfect accuracy. Here's a quick example of how this looks on the actual study guide: 

Example Question: When does the straw man fallacy occur?

​When a person falsifies or overstates an adversary’s position. 

Explanation: The straw man fallacy occurs when a person misrepresents an opponent position with distorted details: http://www.nizkor.org/features/fallacies/straw-man.html

Above all, we hope these improvements help you fully comprehend the underlying learning concepts and achieve the highest grade possible.

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