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New Year’s Resolution Progress for ACCNerd

This January the ACCNerd tutor team set an important New Year’s Resolution – to offer our students an even better collection of tutoring services. I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on our progress so far. Most people don’t keep their resolutions for long, but we’re very serious about making this best tutoring service in the world. 

Brand New Course Tutorials

We've been writing like crazy to bring you a few new entire course tutorials. This are business courses that have been added by popular demand for the 2014 academic year

HRM/326 – Employee Development

This is a very valuable course for anyone that plans on entering a management role in their career. There are many interesting facets of employee/manager relationships to be learned from this course. If you’re already a manager, this course will provide an immediate benefit to your daily work. Our HRM 326 study guide provides essays and exam answers to give you a strong understanding of the course content.

OI/361 – Innovation, Creativity, and Design

Entrepreneurial spirits are going to love this course. Today’s fast paced technology-based economy requires innovation, design, and creativity to compete successfully in the market place. This course sheds some light on tactics that will help you succeed in business through the power of innovation. Our OI 361 entire course guide will get you off on the right foot when attending this course.

Comprehensive Finance Lab Study Guide FIN/370

Students have been asking us to create a study guide on for FIN/370 finance labs answers for a long time now. We took our time to create a study guide that is built dynamical in excel. This allows students to calculate advanced financial formulas directly from the spreadsheet – no need to go our and buy a financial calculator. It has the ability to calculate average weighted cost of capital, prepare pro-forma financial statements, and much more. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this one.

All New Custom Shop

In many cases, students need study material tailored to their exact specifications. Our custom shop has been completely revamped to give you more options. Students now have the ability to order 100% custom final exams, PowerPoint presentations, and final exam answers. We have also created more options for deadlines, giving you the ability to order custom work with a turn-around-time ranging from 24 hours to 5 days. We take pride in the work performed in the custom shop and will do whatever it takes to help improve your grades.

I hope your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is going as well as ours! If you have any feedback or concerns about these new updates, don’t hesitate to contact us.