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Awesome Resources for Frustrated BUS 308 Students

By Andy Nakatomi 

If you're like most of us, statistics is incredibly frustrating to take as an online class. There is a ton of material to learn in a very short amount of time. When you combine this with work and family, it becomes a monumental challenge to get a solid grade. Fortunately, there are resources out there that can help eliminate some of the challenges that this class presents. 

Tips to Make BUS 308 a Little Easier

  1. Create a time management schedule for the next 5 weeks. You will need to spend significantly more time focused on learning when compared with other courses. Make sure to set aside enough time to dedicate just to studying. 
  2. Take advantage of a quality study guide. We have listed some of the best resources below
  3. Don't try to CRAM! Learning statistics is something that should be done in small doses. Focus on learning one concept at a time. Trying to learn the meaning of ANOVA, compa, regression, f-crit, p-value in one sitting is a recipe for disaster. 

Awesome BUS 308 Resources

The ACCNerd BUS 308 collection contains solutions for each week of class. These tutorials are fully comprehensive and include custom support from the tutor team. Our only goal is to help students improve their grades, so feel free to ask questions. 

The internet is filled with other awesome statistics tutorials as well. These are more general in nature, but can be very helpful nonetheless. We really like Online Stats Book as a general reference. They provide great examples and break concepts down into easily digestible chunks. 

If you want to supplement your class with videos, check out Khan Academy. The have several free classes related to statistics that will help reinforce confusing concepts. 

Lastly, below is a free presentation that provides a step by step solution for the first problem in week 3.