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Great News for MBA Students in STR/581

By Andy Nakatomi 

After several weeks of hard work, we have completed a comprehensive study guide for the STR 581 capstone final exam. We have three separate exam sets that will help reach the correct answers for each part of the exam. 

About the STR 581 Capstone Exam

In case you don't know, STR 581 provides a comprehensive assessment of an MBA student's knowledge of advanced business topics. In order to score well on the exam, you must have a robust education on topics related to account, finance, management, strategy, marketing, economics, statistics, and more. We have utilized the knowledge of our collective tutoring staff to ensure our study guides are 100% accurate. In addition, we provide full explanations for each answer to give you confidence in the study guide quality. 

Check out Our Updated Study Guide

Our study guide is broken down into 3 separate sections. Students have the option to purchase each exam individually, or all together as a single package. 

We want YOU to get Better Grades

Our sole mission is to help busy students get better grades. If you need additional help in your STR 581 course, feel free to reach out to our tutors. We provide free customized tutoring if our study guide does not meet your exact requirements. Good Luck!