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Fully Updated for the New 2014 Classroom Format

By Andy Nakatomi 

As you may know, we have been working on a comprehensive update to our study guides based on the new 2014-15 classroom format. We have been working closely with our students to ensure that our study guides are laser targeted to fit the needs of online learners. This is what we've been up to for the last few months. 

Did your Online Classes get More Difficult?

Online classes just got a lot harder! Many of our students are seeking our help for highly complex problems in greater numbers. This is especially true for students in Finance and Accounting Course, such as ACC 291 or FIN 370. We have worked day and night to put together well-documented excel spreadsheets to help students learn how to solve these problems without hours of headaches.

In addition, Final Exams have been beefed up with ridiculously challenging new questions for pretty much every class. Our new study guides contain EVERY new answer with our signature explanations to help you gain a better understanding of the concepts. 

Fully Updated and Ready to Rock

I'm happy to announce that we have completed a full update for every class on the website. Here's a brief summary of the main updates. 

  • Every Final Exam Study Guide Overhauled with NEW Questions/Answers
  • Brand New Accounting Solutions for WileyPlus
  • New Financial Calculators for MyFinanceLab Problems
  • New Statistics Calculators for MyStatsLab Problems
  • New Essays for every Class
  • Updated Discussion Questions
  • And Many More!

Still Find Something Missing? 

We have dedicated tutors available 7 days per week to keep our study guides up-to-date and provide you with exceptional customer service. If you notice anything missing, its our mission to answer it for you. 

Best of Luck your Classes!