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Amazing Websites for College Students

Amazing Websites for College Students 

It seems like there are amazing new websites for online college students popping up every day. I wanted to share a brief list of some apps that our students have found especially useful.


Is your grammar a little rusty? Grammarly is kind of like spellcheck on steroids. You can upload any term paper or essay and it will magically be improved with the click of a button. The app also checks for plagiarism. 



Octotutor is a huge library of business tutoring materials. If you’re in a business program, we highly recommend this service. Their collection of essays, textbook solutions, and study guides can be a huge boost for any student struggling in a b-school program.

Khan Academy

Personally, I love to learn via educational videos. Kahn Academy is a free site that provides tons of informative videos on a wide range on topics. This system brings truly great educational content to a wide audience.

As I mentioned before, there are always need cutting edge websites on the horizon and we will do our best to keep ACCNerd reads informed.