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How to Use Excel to Solve Finance and Statistics Problems

Finance and statistics are perhaps the two most challenging subjects that a business student will face. Both of these topics require students to solve complex problems that go beyond the average person's knowledge of mathematics. Fortunately, Microsoft excel has a collection of useful formulas that will help you solve most of these problems with ease. The goal of this post is to provide a few tips on how we can help you take advantage of excel to earn better grades in finance and statistics labs. 

Finance Tools for FIN 370

We have made it a top priority to not only provide accurate answers, but also teach students how to actually solve the problems in the process. Our FIN 370 Lab Solutions is designed specifically to calculate a wide variety of financial problems, such as NPV, IRR, compound annuities, etc.

For each problem, we provide students with the excel formulas easily visible so they can understand the inner workings of the calculation. Using this same principle, it become easy to create your own financial calculators to solve other finance topics. It is highly recommended that you check out this tutorial for building financial formulas in excel

Check out the video below for a brief overview on how our custom finance calculators work. 

Statistics Tools for QNT 561

Without basic knowledge of excel, statistics is going to be extremely difficult. Trying to solve problems with a basic calculator is likely to take hours of frustration. Our latest aid for graduate students is the QNT 561 Week 2 Lab, which functions just like our financial calculators. All you need to to is enter your numbers into the correct cells and the answers will be automatically generated. This product will give you a deep understanding on how to construct confidence intervals and use descriptive statistics in business. 

If you want yo delve deeper into the work of statistics, I recommend checking out this detailed course tutorial for excel business statistics