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Custom Tutoring is Here to Help

How Custom Tutoring Can Help You

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Custom tutoring provides students with precisely tailored study guides for virtually any topic. Whether you need help writing an essay or guidance for solving a statistics problem, our custom shop is ready to lend a hand. Check out our three primary services with a few notes on our latest updates. 

Custom Essay Writing Service

The custom essay writing service now allows students to request a final draft within 24 hours, 48 hours, or 5 days. Final drafts are delivered as an MS Word file in APA formatting. This is our flagship custom service that has helped thousands of students over the years. 

Custom Final Exam Answer Service

Have a critical exam on the horizon? Our custom final exam service enables students to have a study partner ready at a moments notice. We will work with you to set a time and date to ensure you get a top tier score on your next exam. 

Custom PowerPoint Presentations

Our Custom PowerPoint presentation works just like the essay service, but instead of a word count, just choose the number of slides needed. The content and design will be customized to match the needs of your topic.