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New Study Guides - MGT 311 and ECO 365

Economics and Management are topics that strike the core of any good business program. Students must have an in depth knowledge of these topics to be successful in the business world. ACCNerd has recognized this and put forward several study guides to help students gain greater mastery of these topics. 

Topics in the MGT 311 Final Exam

Janet needs to assign a very important advertising account to one of her writers. First she reviewed each writers work load, then she studied the sales data of the products for the last three campaigns of each writer, then she reviewed each writer's annual review to familiarize herself with their goals. Finally, she gave the account to Paula, a very creative, efficient writer who has had high sales results with her last three clients' products. What is Janet's management style is based on?

Basing managerial methods on the best available scientific evidence is called what? 

Can you answer these questions? If not, it would be a good idea to pick up the MGT 311 final exam answers study guide. This guide is a tutoring tool designed to help you understand the topics in greater detail before taking the exam. 

Topics in the ECO 365 Final Exam

The principles of microeconomics are often difficult for students to comprehend. Without practice, the topics in economics 365 can seem to go against common sense. This subject is very much a science of the interactions of human nature. Our eco 365 final exam answers study guide will help you get past the challenging concepts and get a good grade on the test.

If average movie ticket prices rise by about 5 percent and attendance falls by about 2 percent, other things being equal, the elasticity of demand for movie tickets is about:

According to economist Colin Camerer of the California Institute of Technology, many New York taxi drivers decide when to finish work by setting an income goal for themselves. If this is true, then on busy days when the effective hourly wage is higher, taxi drivers will