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Flipped Learning - Is it Right for You?

One of the hottest buzz words in education these days is flipped learning. By doing the exact opposite of conventional learning norms, many students become much more productive in the classroom.

Umm, Flipped Classroom?

Scratching your head? Flipped learning is a concept that has students do the opposite of what is expected in education, such as doing homework exercises during classtime after listening to lectures while at home. Countless hours are spent wasted during classtime listening to professors lecture about bland topics. Studies have found it beneficial to give these lectures in video format to be watched at home, then work on exercises during the actual class. This gives students that ability to discuss issues with the professor in realtime, as opposed to zoning out during a boring lecture. "The flipped model puts more of the responsibility for learning on the shoulders of students while giving them greater impetus to experiment." - Educase

How Online Students Can Implement Flipped Learning

Online studnets are already in a non-traditional learning environment that provides a large degree of flexibility. Below is a quick list of strategies that online students can use to make their own flipped classroom.

1. Homework First, Read Second

Jump straight into your homework. Forget about reading and just give the assignment a try. You are likely to run into difficulty right away, but at least you know what to look for when you go back to the textbook. This will help you retain crucial information to finish the assignment successfully.

2. Do your Homework in Public Places

It doesn't matter if it's a starbucks or the public library - just force yourself to do homework in public areas. Students get complacent doing homework at home, so it helps to keep your mind fresh by going to new areas to study.

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