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Social Media Tips to Help Online Students get Hired

by Andy Nakatomi

As you progress through your online classes, you’re probably wondering what it’s going to take to land a job after you graduate. Whether you’re looking to advance into a higher paying position or trying to land a job with a competitive new company, now is the time to start thinking ahead. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you build a solid presence on social media sites. Employers are putting an increasingly high importance on social media sites to analyze new recruits. The strategy outlined below is designed to provide a trusted social media presence for your personal brand. 

Build Quality Profiles

Start by at least building a high quality profile on the social media sites listed below. By building a profile, you should have a quality headshot picture, a well written bio, and some professional contacts from school or work. In many cases, your employers will be looking at these profiles, so think of them as your online resume.  

  • Google +
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

A Simple yet Effective Social Media Profile

Picture of a social media profile page

Get Involved in Conversations

Employers like to see candidates that are passionate about their industry. For example, if you are studying accounting, get involved in communities that are geared towards CPA, auditors, etc. Start making contacts and share some knowledge that you’ve been learning in your online classes. Who know? Maybe you will get to know a potential future employer through these conversations.

In essence, this is what social media is all about. Being social! When a potential employer see that you are actively engaged in online communities, they will assume this attitude will translate into a team player when you get hired. Getting started in social media from scratch may sound difficult, but it's very achievable if you give it a disciplined effort. 

Converse with Experts in your Field of Study

Picture of engaging social media conversation

Why is Social Media Important for Online Students? 

Failing to have any presence on social media could make you appear as somewhat introverted in the business world. In general, employers are looking for ambitious and outgoing candidates who will constantly bring new ideas to the table.

In addition, it can be a great way to gain inside information about the industry you are pursuing as a career. You can’t sit back and expect a job to just fall into your lap. It is essential to aggressively hunt down the career of your choosing and prove to potential employers that you’re the candidate that they should hire.  

Keep Track of your Influence 

As you become more influential in the social media spectrum, you can track your progress with Klout. This is a tool that uses a complex algorithm to analyze the influence you wield in the social media spectrum. Believe it or not, employers are starting to use this tool sum up top job prospects. It is especially important for those wanting to go into sales, public relations, and recruiting where a strong outward presence is required.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Building a social media presence is something that will take a consistent effort over a long period of time. If you set aside 10 minutes per day to participate in online conversations you will have a solid foundation in no time. The sooner you can get started the better. If you’re already thinking about this as a college student, you are way ahead of the game.