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MGT/311 Final Exam - The Answers You've Been Waiting For

by Andy Nakatomi

When one thinks of Management 311, they generally don’t expect it to be a very difficult final exam. Unfortunately, this could not be further from the truth and many students end up failing the very difficult MGT 311 Final Exam. As a tutor, I try to help prepare students for the exam well in advance so you can get every answer before its too late. The infographic listed below helps to demonstrate the problems that students face in this management class.

Some Troubling Statistics

Based on a survey performed by our team of tutors, we have determined the following failure rates for the MGT 311 final exam. Stunningly, over half of the students who take this test end up scoring below 70% on the exam, which will result in a grade of a D or worse. Even students who have studied very hard have reported very low scores on this test. The bottom line is that you need to be prepared before clicking the start button!

Here are the results of our survey. We had over 200 participants on this survey who have taken the final exam within the last year.

  • Only 1.5% score an A
  • 3.5% Score an A-
  • 9% Score a B or B-
  • 23% Score a C or C-
  • 45% Score a D or D-
  • 18% Fail the Exam 

For many, not passing this exam will result having to retake the entire class. As we have explained in previous blog posts, the cost of failing an online class can be huge on both time and money. The average student who is required to retake an online class, such as MGT 311, will end up with as much as $2,000 in additional tuition costs and be forced to spend another 35 days retaking the class.

 An infographic for the MGT 311 final exam answers and statistics

Buy why is this test so hard?

Our tutors have noticed that this particular exam is packed with confusing questions. The answers are not always cut and dry and students are often left making a guess out of left field. By developing a study guide that is based on the latest student feedback, we have managed to track down all 30 correct answers so you will have no problem landing a top-notch score on the final. In addition, we are available for live chat seven days per week if you need any additional tutoring while taking a class 

Good News for MGT 311 Final Exam Takers

ACCNerd has developed a study guide that helps students score 100% on the MGT 311 final exam. The guide is constantly updated and covered by a comprehensive guarantee. Best of all, it is affordable for students at all levels. Getting past this exam will help you understand how to manage your own business in the future. 

We have been helping online students for years and you can stay in touch with us via chat, email, facebook, twitter, Google +, and more. We love to interact with students and we value the feedback you send to our team.  We look forward to helping you on this exam!