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5 Ways Online Students can Save Time

by Andy Nakatomi 

Make no mistake, being an online student is EXTREMELY time consuming. It has taken over 4 years of online education to master the art of time management. If you following the steps provided below, there is no doubt in my mind that you will save at least 3 to 5 hours per week. What would you do with an extra 5 hours every week? Spend more time with the family? Write that novel you've been putting off? The choice is yours... 

1. Create a Time Management Plan

The first step for time management is planning. Create a checklist of tasks you need to complete each week. This checklist will help you keep your weekly tasks separated into small chunks. Check out a sample list from my ECO/365 course a few months ago. 

Andy's Sample Time Management Plan

  • Tuesday - Post Discussion Questions and Participate in Class (1 hour)
  • Wednesday - Create Outline for Individual Assignment (1 hour)
  • Thursday - Participate in class and learning team (1 hour)
  • Friday - Complete Individual Essay (4 hours)
  • Saturday - Complete Learning Team Essay (2 hours)
  • Sunday - Take a break
  • Monday - Turn in Essays and Participate in Class (1 hour)

As you can see, this is a pretty busy week. Breaking this work into small parts makes it much easier to produce A+ quality work. If you wait until the last minute, you're asking for bad grades. 

2. Seek Out Tutoring

Reading through thousands of pages of textbook material is flat out frustrating. Get to know a good tutor who can help you create better quality work in smaller amounts of time. Learning by reading a textbook is a thing of the past. ACCNerd has several online tutoring services that can help you achieve this goal. 

3. Use a Custom Essay Writer

We have a team of writers who can produce top quality custom essays, papers, and other academic work within 48 hours of less. Yes, 48 hours is the standard turnaround time. We are the fastest essay writing service in the West!

4. Use your Classmates and Learning Team Members

Sometimes your learning team members can be the greatest asset you have. Make sure to keep an open line of communication to ensure that you can always keep in touch. 

5. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

Everything in life seems important sometime. It is essential to sort out your priorities to ensure that you get your work done on time. Visualizing your priorities and ranking them by urgency is a great tool to help you get your work complete as soon as possible. 

These tips will save you valuable time each week as you work through your online homework. Remember, the ACCNerd tutor team is standing by to help if you have any questions.