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Fast Growing Industries for Business Grads


The real estate development industry is now firmly planted in an upward growth trend. Thankfully, the real estate crash of 2007 is becoming a forgotten remnant of the past.  Investors have put a great deal of faith in the homebuilding industry and expect earnings of KB Homes and its competitors to rise by at least 200% in 2014 alone. Real estate development requires business experts who are comfortable handling a large group of independent contractors. This fast paced environment will always keep you stressed on the next development deadline, but the payoff could be a salary of 75K or more.

Best Field of Study: Business Management 

National Defense

The United States is showing no signs of slowing down its military development spending. National defense contractors are engaged in some of the most exciting and cutting edge projects the world has ever seen. Business gradates are in high demand to build relationships with government officials, manage complex financial projects, and facilitate the acquisition of materials. 

Best Field of Study: Finance

Natural Gas Production

The United States is literally the Saudi Arabia of natural gas. With the perpetual cost increases of imported oil, the growth of natural gas producers is expected to explode over the next decade. The federal government is projecting astronomical growth for both employment and resource production in natural gas in the near future.There is a wide variety of jobs available from business grads who can manage the complex supply chain that is inherent to this industry.

Best Field of Study: Supply Chain Management

Web Technology Development

Computer programming is only part of the equation when it comes to launching a successful technology startup. New tech companies are being formed on a daily basis and they have strong demand for employees with business savvy. You will need to have the ability to manage resources very closely and impress investors to infuse more capital into the business. If you get in early with a web company, it could lead to a huge payoff if the company ever goes public. Check out techcrunch.com for some of the hottest tech companies.

Best Field of Study: E-Business

Bottom Line 

Having a business degree will give you a great edge when you seek employment in these fast growing industries. In many cases, a business degree is a required prerqusite before getting yoru foot in the door. Just remember to study hard and eventually you will land a career that provides lifelong financial security.