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FIN 419 Final Exam Answers Guide


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FIN 419 Final Exam Answers Guide

About: FIN 419 is a difficult class that covers complex analytical topics in finance. Students will learn the essentials of interpreting financial data to use in the business world. Our final exam study guide is designed to help students prepare for and ace the final exam in this course. The guide contains two different versions of the exam with all work show on the problems. 


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Explanations for Answers

With the ACCNerd FIN 419 final exam study guide, you get a detailed explanation for many topics covered in the study guide. This will help you not only get the correct answer, but fully grasp the concepts of the test. 

Finance for Decision Making FIN419 Exam Answers Preview

1. The sole proprietor has unlimited liability; his or her total investment in the business, but not his or her personal assets, can be taken to satisfy creditors.  


Explanation: Creditors have the ability seek the personal assets of a sole proprietor. 

2. Time-value of money is based on the belief that a dollar that will be received at some future date is worth more than a dollar today.


Explanation: TVM states money today is worth more than future money. 



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