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OI 361 Week 5 - Organizational Transformation Q & A


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What's inside the OI 361 Week 5 Study Guide?

  • Week 5 Essay on Organizational Transformation  Q & A (Word Count: 850)
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Assignment Instructions

Write a 750- to 1,050-word response (academic essay) to the following questions based on your organization or an organization that you know.

Introduction and conclusion are required. 

  • How would you identify and characterize the roles of incentives, training, and education in promoting innovation in your organization?
  • What is the role of leadership in creating, managing, and sustaining innovation in your organization? 
  • What are the ethical implications of an individual reward system? Support your answer. 
  • Would you describe your organization as innovative or non-innovative? Explain your answer.

Preview of OI 361 Week 5 Essay

Organizational transformation is en essential component of the evolution of a successful company. Organizational transformation is best described as “organization-wide changes, such as reconstruction, introduction of new technologies, processes, services or products, implementing new programs, re-engineering”. Finding incentives to motivate and inspire employees will help the entire organization reach a culture that fosters progressive transformation. Furthermore, understanding the purpose of leadership will aid an organization in developing principles and policies that keep the all employees on a transformational path. Failing to innovate and transform with the latest trends in business can lead to disastrous consequences for an organization’s long-term survival. The purpose of this essay is to analyze the transformational ability of major US corporations and the tactics that they utilize to achieve their goals. In addition, I will review the innovativeness of my own organization, the Unites States Navy.  + 850 more words on full essay

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