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ACC 349 Final Exam Answers Guide


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ACC 349 Final Exam Answers Guide

Our ACC/349 final exam study guide contains a bank of over 85 managerial accounting questions and answer. We guaranteed every topic to be covered within the study guide. If you need additional support, our tutors are available 7 days per week to lend you a hand. 

What's Included on the ACC/349 Final Exam Guide? 

  • 2 Fully Completed Answer Sheets
  • Bank of over 85 Managerial Accounting Questions/Answers
  • Completely updated on February 5th, 2016
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Week 5 Final Exam Answers Free Preview

What is the best way to handle manufacturing overhead costs in order to get the most timely job cost information?

The company should apply overhead using an estimated rate throughout the year.

At the end of the year, manufacturing overhead has been overapplied. What occurred to create this situation?

The actual manufacturing overhead costs were less than the manufacturing overhead assigned to jobs. 


In a job order cost accounting system, the Work in Process account is: 

A control account


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