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ACC 349 Week 3 - E4-10, E4-11, P4-3A, and P4-4A


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ACC 349 Week 3 Answer Guide

ACC/349 contains a plethora of challenging topics related to managerial accounting. Our accounting experts have created dozens of high responses to help you learn these complex topics faster than ever. 

What's Included in the ACC/349 Week 3 Study Guide?

  • Detailed solutions to E4-10, E4-11, P4-3A, and P4-4A
  • All Work Shown
  • Textbook: Managerial accounting: Tools for business decision making (Compatible with 4th, 5th, and 6th editions, and WileyPlus).

  • Unlimited Support from ACC Nerd Accounting Experts 

Preview of Solutions

Sorce Instrument, Inc. manufactures two products: missile range instruments and space pressure gauges. During April, 50 range instruments and 300 pressure gauges were produced, and overhead costs of $110,400 were estimated. An analysis of estimated overhead costs reveals the following activities

Determine the overhead rate for each activity.

Materials handling: $44,000 / 1000= $44.00

Machine setup: $34,000 / 500 = $68.00

Quality inspections: $31,900 / 550 = $58.00

Skaros Stairs Co. of Moore designs and builds factory-made premium wooden stairs for homes. The manufactured stair components... 

+ Solutions to E4-10, E4-11, P4-3A, and P4-4A


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