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ACC 548 Final Exam Answers Guide


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ACC 548 Final Exam Answers Instant Download 

The ACC 548 final exam is a comprehensive exam that tests knowledge on graduate level accounting topics. Our tutors have mastered the discipline of governmental accounting and are ready to help you pass this challenging test. Not only must you have extensive knowledge about government accounting principles, but you must also be able to perform real world calculations. Our study guide includes all the answers necessary answers (total of 90) to help you achieve the best score possible. 

About: 90 Questions and Answers

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Format: Microsoft Word

Version: 2017 Exam Version

ACC 548 Study Guide Answers Preview

1. Under GASB rules for the financial reporting entity

Correct Answer: component units are included if the primary government is financially accountable for their operations

2. Which of the following choices regarding the government-wide Statement of Activities is true?

Correct Answer: The government-wide Statement of Activities reflects all taxes as general revenues.

3. The City of Greenville had a balance in the Reserve for Encumbrances account at the end of 2008 in the amount of $30,000. During 2009, all purchase orders related... 

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