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COM 295 Final Exam Answer Guide


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About the COM/295 Final Exam

Business communication is full of subtle nuances that make the final exam on this topic very tricky. In fact, you will need to have a strong understanding of business of both technical business writing and its psychological underpinnings. Luckily for you, we have taken the time to full research every topic and build a fully comprehensive answer guide. Our main goal is to ensure that you fully understand the content of this topic. The COM 295 final exam study guide breaks down every question and answer with a detailed explanation and provides links to supporting documents. 

What's Included? 

  • 30 Questions and Answers
  • Full explanations with external links
  • Updated April 2017
  • Additional Support from ACCNerd as Needed

Preview of Answers

Bao is conducting a study that compares the cost of keeping print messages on file versus storing digital messages in the cloud. What aspect of communications relates to the storage of messages?


Explanation: In this scenario, Bao is planning the company’s messages data structure and where files be stored over the long term. Both methods are permanent, but the implications in planning can vary significantly between these methods. The cloud method represents better access for all employees and team members, but a higher potential for accidental deletion. Maintaining paper files offers greater stability, but more difficult access for team members.

Which of the following is an example of psychological noise?

Jenna’s boss does not take her complaint seriously because he thinks teenagers always exaggerate. 

Explanation: Psychological noise stems form preconceived ideas and biases that a person brings into communication. In this case, Jenna’s boss has the preconceived notion that all teenagers exaggerate, but this obviously not accurate. Psychological noise can prevent individuals from addressing the root cause of a problem. It is always better to approach a communication setting free of psychological noise that could unfairly influence the critical thinking process.

By doing audience analysis, Radika discovers that the people she will be giving her sales presentation to know very little about her product. Because of this, she is likely to decide to

spend more presentation time informing the audience

​Explanation: When an audience is not familiar with a given product, it is helpful to spend additional time providing boilerplate information about the subject. This concept is closely tied to the requirement of validating your audience in a business message.

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