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Custom PowerPoint Presentation


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Need an original college level presentation in a hurry? The ACCNerd Custom PowerPoint Presentation service will provide you with a completely original presentation within 48 hours. All work we provide is unique and never plagiarized from another source. 

What do you get with a Custom PowerPoint Order?

  • 100% Original Work. Duplicate or plagiarized work is NEVER provided to our customers. 
  • Presentations are created by college graduates specializing in business or journalism. 
  • Guaranteed Quality. If you're not happy you can request a revision. 
  • Turnaround time of 5 days, 48 Hours, or 24 Hour Rush. 
  • All sources sited. 
  • Professional Theme chosen from 100's of premium templates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee I will get a good grade on the assignment? 

Although our presentations are 100% original, they are designed to be used as a guide. Grading is at the sole discretion of the professor reviewing the work. You are still responsible for turning in the project on time and following any other rules outlined by your professor or university. Feedback reported by our customers indicates that the vast majority of students using this service receive scores of 95% or higher. 

Do custom presentations include presenter's notes? 

No, we do not include presenters notes by default. If you require presenters notes, please order custom essay with the the required word count for notes.

Is my privacy protected? 

Yes. ACCNerd has a strict privacy policy and will never release your information to 3rd parties without your permission. 

How do you know what to write? 

You will be give given the option to include an attachment with your order. It is essential that you include a copy of assignment instructions that your tutor can easily follow. The more information you provide with the attachment, the easier it will be for us to create a presentation to your exact specifications. If we do not have enough information to complete the work, we will send you an urgent email for clarification. Please list any specific requirements you have such as specific sources to site, a title, specific topics to be covered, etc. 

Oops, I forgot to include an attachment with my order?

Not to worry... Simply email us with your attachment and reference your order number. This is not an automated system, we are real people working to get you the best grade possible. 

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