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ECO 365 Week 4 - Market Structure Simulation Answers


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Summary of Download

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Assignment Instructions:

Quasar Instructions
Run the Economics for Managerial Decision Making: Market Structures simulation. Within certain market structures, using price to compete is not an option. What may Quasar do to improve revenues under one of these structures? Select a company not selected by another team or student that has used this strategy. Describe the effects on the organization of using this strategy. 
Kudler Fine Foods Instructions
  1. Evaluate the differences between market structures
  2. Review the organization’s strategic plan marketing overview market surveys
  3. Review other material to evaluate the organization’s competitiveness in the marketplace
  4. Identify the market structure that you believe best applies to this organization
  5. Assess how the market structure positively and negatively affects the firm’s long-term profitability
  6. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the firm as indicated by the marketing surveys completed by their customers
  7. What competitive strategies would you recommend for Kudler Fine Foods

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