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ETH 321 Final Exam Study Guide


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About the ETH/321 Final Exam

With the rise of globalization and technology, the role of ethics in business has grown rapidly in importance. Throughout history, a number of conflicting theories of business ethics have been developed based on the ideas of philosophers and academics. These theories have and applied to corporate culture and international business, making it crucial for today's business leaders to understand the dynamics of ethics. The ETH 321 study guide provides detailed answers and explanations for all 30 topics. 

What's Included? 

  • 30 Questions and Answers
  • Detailed Answer Explanations and References
  • Updated April 2017
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Preview of Answers

Civil enforcement powers regarding federal antitrust matters belong to _______.

​the FTC and the Department of Justice

​Explanation: The Department of Justice runs the primary department in charge of handling issues of federal antitrust. Along with the FTC, these two bodies are the primary institutions used for regulating antitrust complaints. 

Reference: https://www.justice.gov/atr/public-documents/division-update-spring-2013/civil-program

Interest-based negotiations are superior to position-based negotiations because:

​interest-based negotiations allow room for consideration of non-factual concerns, such as relationships and long-term interests. 

Explanation: The primary objective of interest-based negotiation is to reach win-win agreements for everybody involved. Every person should act as a team member who is looking at the collective benefits of an agreement, such as relationship and long-term outcomes.

Reference: https://www.coursera.org/learn/negotiation-skills/lecture/xaCpq/a-position-based-or-interest-based-negotiation

Hillward Bakers has been using a blue HB logo with a baker’s hat on the HB since their inception ten years ago. Hobart Bakers, a newly opened bakery and confectionary chain, has used the same logo. Hillward has not registered its logo, but it chooses to sue Hobart anyway. Which of the following is true of this case? 

Hillward can sue Hobart since the logo has been used by Hillward and is associated with it.

​Explanation: Under the US Copyright Act of 1976, intellectual property receives automatic coverage and will not need to be formally requested. Since Hillward can show that he has used this logo in the past, he has a valid claim of infringement against Hobart. 

Reference: http://www.bitlaw.com/copyright/

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