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FIN 370 Lake Cairo Marina Financial Ratios Solutions


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Lake Cairo Marina Financial Ratios Study Guide

Our Lake Cairo Study guide will give you a comprehensive understanding of financial ratios. Below is a list of the 25 different ratios covered within this guide based on the 2015 financial statements of the company:

What's Included?

  • All 25 financial ratios are solved in Excel
  • Formula Notes for every financial ratio. 
  • Additional support from ACCNerd as needed

Overview of Lake Cairo Problem

Calculate the 25 financial ratios for Lake Cairo Marina, Inc. based on the given financial statements.

  1. Current ratio
  2. Quick ratio
  3. Cash ratio
  4. Inventory turnover ratio (based on COGS)
  5. Days' sales in inventory (based on COGS)
  6. Average collection period
  7. Average payment period
  8. Fixed asset turnover
  9. Sales to working capital
  10. Total asset turnover
  11. Capital intensity
  12. Debt ratio
  13. Debt-to-equity
  14. Equity multiplier
  15. Times interest earned
  16. Cash coverage
  17. Profit margin
  18. Gross profit margin
  19. Operating profit margin
  20. Basic earnings power
  21. Return on Assets
  22. Return on Common Equity
  23. Dividend payout
  24. Market-to-book ratio
  25. PE ratio