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FIN 370 - My Finance Lab - Week 3 Answers and Formulas


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What's Inside the FIN 370 Week 3 Answer Guide?

  • Over 25 Fully Solved Problems with Automatic Answer Formulas (Only from ACCNerd)
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The FIN 370 week 3 MyFinanceLab answer guide will help students gain a strong understanding of analytical finance . The spreadsheet includes all answers and explanations to the questions listed below. This gives students the ability to plug in numbers of their own to quickly find new solutions with formulas built into the spread sheet. 

New Answer Calculators for 2017

Compute the price of a 3.6 percent coupon bond with 16 years left to maturity and a market interest rate of 5.8 percent. (Assume interest payments are semiannual.) Is this a discount or premium bond?

A 5.4 percent coupon bond with 15 years left to maturity is offered for sale at $1,065.  What yield to maturity is the bond offering? (Assume interest payments are semiannual.)

Financial analysts forecast Company A's growth rate for the future to be 6 percent.  The most recent dividend was $0.76.  What is the value of Company A stock when the required return is 8 percent? 

Consider the following annual stock returns for the Ace Company and the King Company:   Compute each stock’s average return, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation. Compare the risk and return for each stock

Answer Details for FIN 370 Week 3

  1. Problem 1 - Campbell Industries Debt Financing
  2. Problem 2 - Deere Working Capital
  3. Problem 3 - Marvel Manufacturing Breakeven Point
  4. Problem 4 - Breakeven Point Problem
  5. Problem 5 - Sharpe Corporation Budget
  6. Problem 6 - Bonus Future Value Calculation
  7. (Compound interest) to what amount will the following investments accumulate?
  8. (Compound value solving for n) How many years will the following take?
  9. (Present value) what is the present value of the following future amounts?
  10. (Present value of an annuity) what is the present value of the following annuities?
  11. (Compound value solving for I) at what annual rate would the following have to be invested?
  12. (Compound annuity) what is the accumulated sum of each of the following streams of payments?

Additional Problems

  1. Fijisawa, Inc., is considering a major expansion of its product line
  2. NPV, Profitability Index, and IRR Problems
  3. Skateboards to include gas-powered skateboards problem
  4. Family Security is considering introducing tiny GPS trackers that can be inserted in the sole of a child's shoe. which would then allow for the tracking of that child if he or she was ever lost or abducted
  5. Management at the Doctors Bone and Joint Clinic is considering whether to purchase a newly developed MR..I machine
  6. (IRR of an uneven cash flow stream) Microwave Oven Programming. Inc
  7. And many more power MS Excel calculators. Only available from ACCNerd.com

How to use the Week 3 Finance Lab Spreadsheet