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FIN 370 - MyFinanceLab Week 4 - Answers and Explanations


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What's Inside the FIN 370 Week 4 Answer Guide?

  • 14 Fully Solved Problems with All Work Shown
  • 6 Bonus Questions with all work shown (see below)
  • Excel Spreadsheet allowing you enter your own numbers. 
  • Easy to follow format. 
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The FIN 370 Week 4 MyFinanceLab is extremely challenging. It's not surprising that students have reportedly spent countless hours trying to get through these problems successfully. This study guide has been created to take the stress out of finance labs and help you get through week 4 with a stronger knowledge of the core concepts. Our advanced spreadsheet provides built-in calculators to help you quickly solve advanced financial equations

Answer Details for FIN 370 Week 4

  1. Problem 1 - QM Industries WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)
  2. Problem 2 - Crypton Cost of Capital Problem
  3. Problem 3 - Ranch Manufacturing 
  4. Problem 4 - Jowers Manufacturing
  5. Problem 5 - Abe Forrester EPS
  6. Problem 6 - Tennessee Graduates EPS

Alternate Set of Solutions

  1. Problem 1 - Gillian Stationery Corporation Cost of Debt
  2. Problem 2 - Gator Industries Cost of Preferred Stock
  3. Problem 3 - The Walgreen Corporation Cost of Debt
  4. Problem 4 - GBH Skiwear
  5. Problem 5 - Lowe's Capital Structure
  6. Problem 6 - Dharma Supply Tax Savings
  7. Problem 7 - Leverage and EPS  
  8. Problem 8 - Lowe's and Home Depot EBIT-EPS break-even Analysis

Bonus Solutions for the following Problems

  1. (Compound interest) to what amount will the following investments accumulate?
  2. (Compound value solving for n) How many years will the following take?
  3. (Present value) what is the present value of the following future amounts?
  4. (Present value of an annuity) what is the present value of the following annuities?
  5. (Compound value solving for I) at what annual rate would the following have to be invested?
  6. (Compound annuity) what is the accumulated sum of each of the following streams of payments?

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