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HRM 236 Week 4 - Delivery Methods PowerPoint Presentation


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What's inside the HRM 326 Week 4 Study Guide?

  • Week 4 PowerPoint Presentation on Delivery Methods (Slide Count: 7)
  • All References Cited
  • Full slide notes
  • Perfect APA Formatting in .ppt file
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Assignment Instructions

Create an eye-catching 5 to 10 slide PowerPoint® presentation using information from and focusing on your Teams Needs Analysis. You will recommend a delivery methodology for the final project to the appropriate management of the chosen corporation. Your presentation must include at least the following:
  • A definition of a delivery method and how it would be applied for the project.
  • Pros and cons of at least two other different delivery methods. 
  • A recommendation of the delivery method you chose.

Preview of HRM 326 Week 4 PowerPoint

The week 4 PowerPoint presentation provides 7 slides that detail delivery methods covered throughout the class. The final slide provides recommendations based on the existing deliver methods. Each slide contains course notes to help deliver this presentation in a live setting. 

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