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HRM 326 Week 2 - Training Key Areas Paper


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Assignment Instructions

Write a 950 to 1,250 word paper in which you explain the importance of training in the areas below; pertaining to both the organization and individual. Using the Week 1 organization, you as an outside consultant have been asked to explain the importance of training in three areas, thus you need to incorporate employee and organization motivation as well as information on offering training in these areas:
  • Legal requirements
  • Diversity
  • Employee growth

Preview of HRM 326 Week 2 Essay

The level of employee talent, happiness, and productivity often measures an organization’s overall prosperity. Corporate responsibility has become an important value for most large corporations, which requires a high-level employee contribution. By engaging in community projects and promoting diversity, companies can maintain a symbiotic relationship with their surrounding environment. Working towards a positive corporate culture will help build highly effective employees that help the company add value over the long-term. The following paper analyzes key training areas that should be a major focus of large companies, which include legal requirements, diversity, and employee growth. + 750 more words on full essay

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