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LAW/421 Week 3 - Individual Computer Installers, Inc


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LAW/421 Week 3 - Computer Installers, Inc

What's Included in the Week 3 Study Guide?

  • Week 3 Individual Assignment - Computer Installers, Inc

Essay Excerpt

Computer Installers Inc. (CI) is a company that sells, installs, and maintains computer networks for organizations that have large numbers of users. CI entered into a contract with Big Time Firm (BTF) to replace the firm's computer network.

What level of duty does CI owe to BTF and have they breached that duty?

What is the Level of Duty? Computer Installers (CI) has a general duty to Big Time Firm (BTF) that requires them to work as a prudent computer networking company. By operating a business that advertises itself as a computer networking company, they must exhibit a level of expertise that meets this standard