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LAW 421 Week 3 - Team Paper Ishmael and Export Co


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LAW/421 Week 3 - Ishmael and Export Co

What's Included in the Week 3 Study Guide?

  • Week 3 Team Essay - Ishmael and Export Co

Essay Excerpt

After a 30-year career as a shipping logistics executive, Ishmael retired and began to offer his services as a logistics consultant. Ishmael entered into a consulting contract with the general manager at Export Co. to provide logistical advice to the company for 12 months. The parties agree in the contract that Export will say Ishmael $5,000 per month on the last day of each month

After one week on the work site. Ishmael finds that he is devoting more time then he initially believed was necessary...

There are several concerns that this case brings to the table in regards to contract law. In this scenario, Ishmael would be unable to claim the doctrine of substantial performance to help him from this breach of contract situation. After just a single week into the contract he asked the renegotiate his compensation to a higher wage. When ExportCo refused, he no longer provided the 100% of professional time dedication to the assignment