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LAW 421 Week 4 Individual - Crusoe Cold Case Trucking Essay


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LAW/421 Week 4 - Cold Case Trucking (CCT)

What's Included in the Week 4 Study Guide?

  • Week 4 Essay - Crusoe Cold Case Trucking Essay

Essay Excerpt

Cold Case Trucking (CCT) specializes in transportation of products that require refrigeration or freezing while being transported from the product’s manufacturer to a wholesaler’s warehouse. In an effort to improve its shipping logistics operations, CCT hired Crusoe, who had experience in operations logistics, as a consultant

What is Crusoe's agent classification? What factors should CCT analyze in making this determination? 

Crusoe’s agent classification is an “independent contractor”. CCT provides only direction for the completion of tasks and does not provide a direct supervisory role of Crusoe. The IRS three-prong test would be the primary way this classification is made