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LDR 300 Final Exam Answer Guide


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About the LDR/300 Final Exam

Leadership and Management are perhaps the two most important skills a person must master to climb the corporate ladder. This study guide dives deep into the various theories of management that drive the decisions of corporate leaders in modern business world. Our goal is not just provide correct answers, but to give you the tools to understand these fundamental concepts. Each answer includes a detailed explanation with links to external sites for additional research. 

What's Included? 

  • 30 Questions and Answers
  • Full explanations with external reference links
  • Updated April 2016
  • Additional Support from ACCNerd

Preview of Answers

Liz is a team leader at a local grocery store Recently her boss said that she needs to address the negative attitudes of employees. To try and fix this problem, she has begun awarding gift-cards to employees who have great attitudes. What internal leadership intervention is Liz addressing?

​Goal focusing

Explanation:  In this example, Liz is giving here employees a piece of external motivation. Knowing that they will receive a gift card if they improve their attitudes gives them a goal to aspire towards. This is the same type of goal focused motivation that managers provide with monetary performance bonuses.

Reference: Goal Focusing PDF 

Argued that the major activities of management and leadership are played out differently; but both are essential to an organization:


​Explanation: Dr. Kotter is famous for recognizing the connection between management and leadership in business. Both skills are needed at different doses for each unique situation. Kotter believes that both skills are essential and breaks them down into an 8-step model.

Reference: Kotter Change Model

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