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Marketing MKT 421 Entire Course Answer Guide


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Marketing 421 Entire Course Answer Guide

The following study guide package contains all essays, discussion questions, and team assignments needed to succeed in MKT 421. Every essay is developed in-house by ACCNerd's team of exceptional business writers. Fully updated for the new 2015 classroom format. 

What's Inside the MKT 421 Full Course Package? 

  • All Weeks Discussion Questions
  • Team Assignment Marketing Plan Phase I,II, and III & Final Plan
  • Week 1 Individual - Defining Marketing
  • Week 1 Individual - Favorite Brand Paper (NEW)
  • Week 2 Individual - Marketing Mix Paper
  • Week 2 Individual - Personal Branding Paper (NEW)
  • Week 2 Individual - Marketing Mix Presentation (NEW)
  • Week 3 Individual - Marketing Research of Kudler Fine Foods
  • Week 4 Individual - Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation (NEW)
  • Week 4 Individual - Blue Ocean Strategy (NEW)
  • Week 5 Individual - Environmental Factors Paper
  • Week 5 Individual - Map the Supply Chain Paper (NEW)
  • Final Exam Answer Guide (New Classroom Format). 

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