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MGT 498 Discussion Question Answers


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Having trouble with the discussion questions in MGT 498? Don't sweat it! Our comprehensive discussion question guide contains over 3,000 words of well written responses for Week 1 through Week 5. Yes, it covers every single question you would expect to find in this course. You will be able to use this information to rapidly answer the toughest discussion topics in your strategic management class. Check out the preview below to get an idea of the quality of the DQ responses. 

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Sample of MGT 498 Week 1 Discussion Question Response

DQ 1:  Why is strategic planning important to the organization? How does strategic planning help the organization? What are some of the factors affecting strategy execution?

The importance of strategic planning cannot be understated for large organizations. Strategic planning is one of the most critical aspects of establishing and sustaining a successful short-term and long-term organization as this business function allows businesses to identify their goals and objectives, and the process (or discipline) it is going to take for their organization to achieve those goals. Additionally, strategic planning is also critical to the success and longevity of a business as this business function helps businesses a) gain a clearer perspective and understanding of their organization’s mission and vision. B) Improve their organization decision-making and operation (alignment, evaluation methods, etc.) processes. C) Better prepare for any seen or unforeseen events that could occur in their organization and market environment. D) Identify the areas of their organization that needs to improve. 

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