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OI 361 Week 2 Assignment - Benefits and Drivers Paper


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What's inside the OI 361 Week 2 Study Guide?

  • Week 2 Essay on Benefits and Drivers (Word Count: 1,185)
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Assignment Instructions

Select one of the Fortune 1000 organizations that could benefit from a new focus on creativity and innovation. Select an organization that can benefit from innovation. So avoid a sector leader. You will use this organization in your future Learning Team assignments. Instructor will provide a list of organizations.

Assume the role of a consultant team for the organization you selected to help the organization become more innovative.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that includes the following:

  • Identifies the internal and external drivers of innovation for the organization
  • Describes how innovation, design, and creative thinking might benefit the organization in terms of meeting its organizational objectives. 

Preview of OI 361 Week 2 Essay

Benefits and drivers are essential for inspiring innovation and creativity within a company. As a prime example, Sara Lee Food Company is an organization that has declined within the Fortune 1000 list. Currently, Sara Lee operates on a global scale offering prepackaged foods that will be consumed by retail buyers. The company is a publicly held and generates over $12 Billion in annual revenue (Sara Lee 2012). A further increase in revenue will allow Sara Lee to pursue avenues of innovation that can increase profit margins and spark new growth. In this paper, our team will be exploring the internal and external driving factors that influence the innovation at Sara Lee. In addition, we will provide an overview of how these tactics can benefit the company. The information covered in this paper is important in ensuring that Sara Lee will be able to meet their organizational objectives. + 1,185 more words on full essay

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