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OI 361 Week 3 Assignment - Organizational Impact Paper


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What's inside the OI 361 Week 3 Study Guide?

  • Week 3 Essay on Organizational Impact (Word Count: 885)
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Assignment Instructions

Select one organization from each of the organizational types addressed in the Week Two readings -airline, technology, and service industry. These are specific organizations not generic.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that includes the following:
  • Evaluates the impact that innovation, design, and creativity have on the strategy of the two organizations 
  • Considers processes, products, or services of your selected organizations

Preview of OI 361 Week 3 Essay

Innovation can have a major impact on virtually any organization. Managers and directors of a company must put a constant effort on innovation to avoid losing market share to competitors. Creativity, innovation, and design are three factors that must be considered by decision makers within a company. By successfully managing innovation, a company can maintain a leadership role within the industry and maintain long-term loyalty from customers. Three organizations have been selected to show how important innovation can be indifferent industries. The following companies have been selected for the purposes of this analysis: Southwest Airlines, IBM Corporation and Motorola Company. + 885 more words on full essay

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