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QNT 351 Week 2 - MyStats Lab Answers


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About the QNT 351 Week 2 Guide

Welcome the the QNT 351 Week 2 Study Guide. This guide contains all the necessary information to ace the MyStats Lab in the second week of class in Quantitative Analysis.  A total of 10 questions and answers in excel, allowing you to automatically calculate any value

What's Included?

  • Two Different Lab Study Guides (10 Problems Each)
  • Excel Calculators - Easily Solve ANY Value! Only from ACCNerd
  • Extra Help from ACCNerd as Needed

Updated 2016 Answers

The director of admissions at Kinzua University in Nova Scotia estimated the distribution of student admissions for the fall semester on the basis of past experience.

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A study of long-distance phone calls made from General Electric Corporate Headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut, revealed the length of the calls, in minutes, follows the normal probability distribution. The mean length of time per call was 4.70 minutes and the standard deviation was 0.50 minutes.

The manufacturer of a laser printer reports the mean number of pages a cartridge will print before it needs replacing is 12,350. The distribution of pages printed per cartridge closely follows the normal probability distribution and the standard deviation is 670 pages. The manufacturer wants to provide guidelines to potential customers as to how long they can expect a cartridge to last.

The Internal Revenue Service is studying the category of charitable contributions. A sample of 34 returns is selected from young couples between the ages of 20 and 35 who had an adjusted gross income of more than $100,000. 

According to the January theory if the stock market is up for the month of January, it will be up for the year. If it is down in January, it will be down for the year. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, this theory held for 28 out of the last 34 years. Suppose there is no truth to this theory; that is, the probability it is either up or down is 0.5. What is the probability this could occur by chance?

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