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QNT 561 Week 3 Lab Answer Sheet - Excel Solution Calculator


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QNT 561 Week 3 Lab Answers

Only from ACCNerd.com, a powerful solution calculator in MS excel for all QNT 561 Week 3 statistics problems. This is the only study guide that with build in statistics formulas to calculate solutions for every problem. Learn how to use excel to solve virtually any confidence interval and interpret statistical data. Save hours of frustration and learn how to solve statistics problems that right way!

What's Included in the Study Guide?

  • 15 QNT 561 Week 3 Solutions in Excel
  • Formulas that calculate solutions for any dataset 
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Preview Of Answers

See photos above for more details. Below is a list of all 16 problems included in the study guide. 

  1. Which hypothesis, the null or the alternative, is the status quo hypothesis?  
  2. A university economist conducted a study of elementary school lunch menus.
  3. Suppose the mean GPA of all students graduating from a particular university in 1975 was X
  4. A random sample of 100 observations from a population with standard deviation 61 yielded a sample mean of 111
  5. The final scores of games of a certain sport were compared against the final point spreads established by oddsmakers.
  6. If a hypothesis test were conducted using α= 0.025, for which of the following p-values would the null hypothesis be rejected?
  7. For α and the and observed significance level (p-value) pair, indicate whether the null hypothesis would be rejected.
  8. In a test of the hypothesis Ho: μ = 90 versus Ha: μ ≠ 90, a sample of n= 50 observations possessed mean x =90.5 and standard deviation s = 2.9.
  9. In a study it was found that the average age of cable TV shoppers was 55 years.
  10. A sample of five measurements, randomly selected from a normally distributed population, resulted in the summary statistics
  11. A study analyzes recent incidents involving terrorist attacks.
  12. When planning for a new forest road to be used for tree harvesting, planners must select the location to minimize tractor skidding distance.
  13. For the binomial sample sizes and null-hypothesized values of p in each part determine whether the sample size is large enough
  14. Financial analysts who make forecasts of stock prices are categorized as either "buy-side" analysts or "sell-side" analysts.
  15. Suppose a consumer group rated 43 brands of toothpaste based on whether or not the brand carries an American Dental Association (ADA) seal...

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