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STR 581 Final Exam Answers 2017 - All Sets


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STR 581 Final Exam Answers - ALL Capstone Sets

Perhaps the most daunting final exam an online student will ever face, the STR 581 final exam is force to be reckoned with! Our MBA professionals have complied a complete collection of . No repeated questions, and no wrong answers, and full explanations for each answer. In total, the study guide contains over 300 answers to help to study more effectively. 

What's Inside the STR581 Answers Study Guide? 

  • Final Exam Set 1 (30 Answers and Explanations)
  • Final Exam Set 2 (30 Answers and Explanations)
  • Final Exam Set 3 (30 Answers and Explanations)
  • Bonus: Bank of 200 Additional Answers!
  • Comprehensive explanations for every answer
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STR 581 Capstone Set 1 Preview

1. The concept that some leadership attributes will work in some situations but not in others can be described by the

Leadership effectiveness theory

Explanation: Not all leadership traits are ideal for all situations. Strong leaders must asses situations on a case by case basis. 


2. Sam Meyers manages a telemarketing call center. He has 20 employees working for him who are displeased with the way he yells and threatens to terminate them for what they see as small issues. Which kind of power is Sam using to get the job done?

Coercive Power

Explanation: Using negative reinforcement is the type of tactic that involves threats against subordinates. 


STR 581 Capstone Set 2 Preview

1. Which of the following financial statements is concerned with the company at a point in time?

balance sheet

Explanation: The balance sheet is always set to a specific data, usually the end of an accounting period.


2. A cost which remains constant per unit at various levels of activity is a: 

fixed cost

Explanation: Fixed costs always remain the same, no matter what activity level at which a company operates. 

STR 581 Capstone Set 3 Preview

1. A firm must know where to position its product based on price and 
Explanation: Price and Quality are the product factors used primarily for positioning against competitors. 
2. What type of strategy consists of geographical pricing, price discounts and allowances, promotional pricing, and differentiated pricing?
price adaptation
Explanation: Price adaptation allocates price flexibility to cater to specific income levels, geographic areas, and regional consumer demands.

Bonus Question Preview

1.  “Power prices” use price as a key strategic tool. These “power prices” have discovered the highly ________ effect of price on the bottom line.
A. direct
B. dramatic
C. soothing
D. Leveraged
E. abrasive

2.  Some intermediaries use the following: strategic planning, advanced information systems, sophisticated marketing tools, measure performance on a return-on-investment basis, segment their markets, improve their target marketing and positioning, and ________.
A. dominant the manufacturers they do business with
B. contend with dwindling customer bases
C. aggressively pursue market expansion and diversification strategies
D. aggressively pursue take over strategies
E. aggressively “squeeze” manufacturer margins

3.  Price has operated as the major determinant of buyer choice among poorer nations, among poorer groups, and with ________ products.
A.  similar
B. identical
C. commodity-type
D. over the Internet

4.  Major retailer types include the following EXCEPT ________.
A.        the Internet
B.        specialty store
C.        superstore
D.        catalog showroom
E.        discount store

5.  Following the ________ approach to target market selection encompasses a strong knowledge of the segment’s needs, a strong market presence, and operating economies through specializing in production, distribution, and promotion.
A.        selective specialization
B.        market specialization
C.        full market coverage
D.        product specialization
E.        single-segment concentration

6.  To reach Generation Y, rock band Foo Fighters created a digital street team that sends targeted e-mail messages to members who “get the latest news, exclusive audio/video sneak previews, tons of chances to win great Foo Fighters prizes, and become part of the Foo Fighters Family.” Which of the following techniques for reaching Generation Y are the Foo Fighters using?
A.        Unconventional sports
B.        Computer games
C.        Online buzz
D.        Cool events
E.        Student ambassadors

7.  A company can add new products through acquisition or development. The acquisition route can take three forms. The company can buy other companies, it can acquire patents from other companies, or it can buy a ________ or _________ from another company.
A.        license/receive permission
B.        franchise/co-brand
C.        franchise/acquire rights
D        license/franchise

8.  New-to-the- world products are ________.
A.        new products that allow a company to enter an established market for the first time
B.        new products that provide improved performance or greater perceived value and replace existing products
C.        existing products that are targeted to new markets or market segments
D.        new products that supplement established product lines (package sizes, flavors, and so on)
E.        new products that create an entirely new market

9.  The chief disadvantage to a firm that decides to follow a product specialization strategy in selecting target markets is ________.
A.    logistics can become a nightmare
B.    competitors can easily copy any new product introductions
C.    e-commerce becomes difficult for the company
D.    the product may be supplanted by an entirely new technology
E.    no synergy exists

10.  Which of the following statements best defines a work group?
A.        A work group interacts primarily to share information, rather than to engage in work that requires joint effort.
B.        A work group consists of 3 or more people from across departmental or functional lines.
C.        A work group is a group comprised of 10 or more people
D.        A work group consists of 3 or more people who take on self-supervising responsibilities.

85.  The “realistic” personality from Holland’s typology of personality and congruent occupations would be well suited for which of the following jobs?

86.  Investors bragged about their investing expertise during the stock market rally between 1996 and early 2000, then blamed analysts, brokers, and the Federal Reserve when the market imploded in 2000. These investors were most probably guilty of what?
selective perception
fundamental attribution error
self-serving bias
the halo effect

Management and Human Resources Answers

Business management is a topic far more complex that most students expect. The questions below detail the complex psychological topics that managers face when they run multinational corporations. With a plethora of rules and regulations, the MBA graduates of today's business world must be well versed on these topics. Of course, the STR 581 final exam test taker must be ready to handle this library of knowledge. 

87.  Each of the six personality types developed in Holland’s personality-job fit theory has a ________.
supplemental skill set
supplemental personality style
supplemental occupational environment
congruent personality style
congruent occupational environment

88.  _____ developed a Vocational Preference Inventory questionnaire that contains 160 occupational titles.

89.  Phrases such as “more cultural diversity,” “many new entrants with inadequate skills,” and “increase in aging workers” are all examples of what force for change?
social trends
world politics
nature of the work force

90.  According to David Maister, the most complex projects requiring innovation and creativity are called _________.
“gray hair” projects
“brain surgery” projects
“grinding” projects
“procedures” projects

91.  The ______ the percentage of contact time between the service system and the customer, the ________ the degree of interaction between the two during the production process.
lesser, greater
greater, greater
none of these answers
greater, lesser

92.  Goldratt's rule of production scheduling include all but:
An hour saved at a non-bottleneck is a mirage
A process batch should be fixed both along its route and in time
Priorities can be set only by examining the system's constraints
Do not balance the capacity - balance the flow
Utilization and activation of a resource is not the same thing

93.  If the system contains a bottleneck, the _______ is the best place for control. If there is no bottleneck, the __________ is the best place for control.
capacity-constrained resource, drum
bottleneck, capacity constrained resource
none of these answers
capacity-constrained resource, bottleneck

Finance and Statistic Answers

Finance  is the most mathematically complex topic you will find in the MBA program. With an endless array of unique problems that can be thrown at a test taker, the prudent move is to get prepared with this study guide. It covers the most challenging and intricate problem types on the STR 581 final exam, providing answers for each one. 

94.  Operations stage toolkit for the Data Analysis and Solution Development phase include(s): I. SPC tools II. Bottleneck analysis III. Computer simulation IV. Balanced scoreboard
II, III, and IV
I, II, III, and IV
I and II
II and III

95.  Which of the following statements is true?
The Principle of Incremental Benefits says to consider the possible ways to minimize the value lost to capital market imperfections, such as asymmetric taxes, asymmetric information, and transaction costs.
The Principle of Valuable Ideas suggests to look for opportunities to create value by issuing securities that are in short supply, perhaps resulting from changes in tax law.
The Time Value of Money Principle advises to include any time-value-of-money tax benefits from capital structure choices.
all of these

96.  An all-equity-financed firm would __________.
pay corporate income taxes because it would have interest expense.
not pay corporate income taxes because it would have no interest expense.
pay corporate income taxes if its taxable income is positive
not pay any income taxes because interest would exactly offset its taxable income.

97.  __________ says to recognize the value of hidden options in a situation, such as the foreign exchange options in some derivative instruments.
The Principle of Comparative Advantage
The Principle of Two-Sided Transactions
The Time Value of Money Principle
The Options Principle

98.  __________ says to look for opportunities to invest in positive-NPV projects in foreign markets or to develop derivatives or design arrangements that enable firms to cope better with the risks they face in their foreign operations.
The Principle of Diversification
The Principle of Capital Market Efficiency
The Principle of Valuable Ideas
The Principle of Risk-Return Trade-off


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The STR 581 Final Exam contains questions that range from accounting to management to statistics to finance to human resources. Trying to recall every minute detail that you learned over the past few years in these MBA classes is next to impossible. Our comprehensive study guide contains questions for every topic you've encountered durning your online MBA program.