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STR 581 Final Exam Answers - Capstone Set 3


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STR 581 Final Exam Answers - Part 3

The following study guide provides 30 answers and explanations on the STR 581 Capstone Final Exam. The exam covers a variety of topics, including strategy, finance, marketing, management, and more. 

What is included in the Study Guide?

  • Final Exam Set 3 (30 Answers and Explanations)
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  • Updated April 22, 2017
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Preview of Final Exam Answers

1. A firm must know where to position its product based on price and 


Explanation: Price and Quality are the product factors used primarily for positioning against competitors.


2. What type of strategy consists of geographical pricing, price discounts and allowances, promotional pricing, and differentiated pricing?

price adaptation 

Explanation: Price adaptation allocates price flexibility to cater to specific income levels, geographic areas, and regional consumer demands.


3. The marketing manager needs to know the cost of the research project before approving it. During which stage of the marketing research process would such a consideration most likely take place?

Step 2—develop the research plan

Explanation: The development of a research plan will include specific considerations in regards to budgets. 

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